About Us

AOI delivers human capital solutions with a focus on the manufacturing industries.  Owned and led by Miles Nelson, a business executive with a track record of success in business development, entrepreneurship and human resource management.   AOI’s systematic approach to understanding your company culture, vision and goals enables AOI to present the very best candidates and address your most pressing human capital needs.

We are passionate about searching, identifying and helping our clients attract the strongest and best performing candidates that will fit their mission, values and culture.

Where we help…

Vice President
Plant Managers
Production Managers
Production Superintendents
Team Leaders

Quality Managers and CQM’s
Quality Engineers and CQE’s
Quality Supervisors

Materials and Procurement
Materials Managers
Supply Chain Managers
Purchasing Managers
Inventory Control Managers
Scheduling Manager
Production Schedulers
Buyers/Purchasing Agents

Human Resources (Manufacturing)
Human Resources Managers
Human Resources Generalists
Benefits Coordinators
EHS Manager
Safety Manager

Accounting (Manufacturing)
Accounting Supervisors
General Accountants
Financial Analyst
Cost Accountants

IT (Manufacturing)
IT Applications/Software/ERP
IT Infrastructure
IT Support / Help Desk
IT Project Managers

We understand that simple laws of supply and demand are in play, and that top talent is ever harder to locate, attract and retain.  We provide the expertise and solutions to help you retain your best talent from leaving.

Delivering the right people to your organization, every time.

We are passionate about placing successful people with successful companies where both will thrive.

AOI understands that securing outstanding executives to lead your organization is critical to your success.

In collaboration with you during our 360-degree due diligence process, we vet these three critical areas: competency, culture, and chemistry. This enables us to create a customized recruiting campaign to identify executives with the skill sets, experience, values, and personality that align with your specific leadership needs.

Our Team's Commitment to You is Our Strength