My Ten Commandments for Attracting Top Engineers

Attracting and Hiring high performing engineers involves showcasing not only the technical challenges but what I consider the commandments for attracting top talent.

1. Offer Competitive Compensation: Goes without saying, right? Offering competitive pay along with perks like stock options, bonuses, and health benefits aren’t just attractive…they’re critical.

2. Highlight Interesting Projects: Highlight challenging and innovative projects you’ve successfully completed. Hook them by detailing the exciting + technical challenges they’ll get to solve. Show them your magic and what they’ll be able to tackle once they join your company.

3. Emphasize Learning and Growth Opportunities: It’s all about their future and how they’ll grow. Have a plan and provide details for skills development, training, mentorship, and career advancement.

4. Promote a Positive Work Culture: Emphasize what you and your colleagues like about the company. Highlight the aspects that make your organization unique. Taco Tuesdays!

5. Flexible Work Arrangements: Get with the times, people! Flexible work arrangements in our post-covid-world aren’t just options anymore. Make work more attractive to engineers who value autonomy and work-life balance.

6. Showcase Technology and Tools: Sell Your Sizzle. What toys will they get to play with?

7. Highlight Company Values and Mission: Help them fill their spiritual buckets. I often here from engineers that they’re motivated by working for companies with a strong mission and values that align with their own. Highlighting your company’s mission and values often make the difference.

8. Provide a Supportive Environment: No one is an island. Top candidates want and need to work in supportive environments. Emphasize your organization’s positives.

9. Offer Opportunities for Leadership and Impact: Here’s another bucket filling opportunity. I often hear that a candidate’s desire to feel like they’re making a meaningful impact with their work.

10. Engage in Active Recruiting: Work with a recruiting firm that specializes in engineers. A firm like, AOI, possesses a deep network of outstanding engineering candidates that you’d never find on your own. This will save your company time, energy, and money.
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