Confession Time: We’ve All Developed Recruiting Bad Habits We’re Not Proud Of!

This is my dog Russell. He picked up smoking during Covid.

Let’s face it, – recruiting isn’t all rainbows and unicorns! Sometimes, we fall prey to bad habits. But fear not, for we’re all in this together! Here are a few of those habits we’ve all been guilty of at some point:

‘Quick Draw’ Syndrome: Ever find yourself jumping the gun and hiring the first candidate who walks through the door? Slow down, Susan! Take the time to vet your options and find the perfect match.

The ‘Echo Chamber’ Effect: When your hiring team starts to sound like a broken record, it might be time to shake things up! Embrace diversity of thought and avoid falling into the trap of groupthink.

The ‘Resume Rummager’: Spending hours scouring through resumes like a detective on a case? Guilty as charged! Streamline your process, focus on what matters most, and resist the urge to get lost in the resume abyss.

The ‘Halo Effect’ Trap: When one shining quality blinds you to a candidate’s flaws, you might be caught in the halo effect trap! Stay objective, dig deeper, and remember that nobody’s perfect.

The ‘One Size Fits All’ Approach:  Trying to fit every candidate into the same mold? Time to break free from the cookie-cutter approach! Tailor your recruitment strategy to each individual and watch those top talents flock to your doorstep.

Hey, nobody said recruiting was easy, but by acknowledging our bad habits and striving to do better, we can elevate our game and build dream teams that stand the test of time! #RecruitingConfessions #InterviewingBadHabits