The state of manufacturing and 2024’s Outlook according to the National Association of Manufacturers – NAM shows continued growth, labor challenges, and a focus on AI. Here are the Key Takeaways from their annual survey,

Key Takeaways:

1. 66% of their members hold a positive outlook for 2024!

2. Workforce and Recruiting Top Talent is the #1 challenge.

3. Industry sees $210 billion in new facility construction thanks to EV’s + batteries, general reshoring, and semiconductors.

4. Biggest risks to the manufacturing industry include, geopolitical turmoil, slow global economic growth, increased costs on both labor and materials.

Summary: Manufacturing is strong in the US. Huge investments are being made domestically. Top Talent is desperately needed by organizations. It’s a great industry to build your career.

See article:  https://nam.org/whats-ahead-for-manufacturing-in-2024-30065/?stream=business-operations
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